Review: Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle is the latest in my list of required reading that I never quite managed to get around to before now.  It’s Kurt Vonnegut’s second most well known book (after Slaughterhouse-Five) and its notoriety is well deserved (although I still want to know why people tend to ignore Player Piano).  Vonnegut is a masterful writer, and is possibly the only person in the American canon besides Twain who has managed to write novels that are considered as high art while still being both accessible and incredibly fun.

And yes this is a fun book, about the end of the world and nonsensicalness of humanity.  The story is about a writer whose working on a book about the end of the world and inadvertently becomes a part of the sequence of events that actually brings about the end.  But before that comes to pass he becomes involved with the politics of a small island nation that no one wants and the unique religion founded on lies (whose leader claims to never do anything he preaches) that is based there.  This is great and unique material to work with, and Vonnegut makes the most of it, creating one of the few enduring classics of the last 50 years.

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One Comment on “Review: Cat’s Cradle”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    My favorite part of Cat’s Cradle is the Bokononist practice of putting the soles of your feet together. I must say that I liked Slaughter-house Five better though. poo-tee-weet!

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