Review: Rex Mundi Vol. 1-3

Here’s a slightly different review.  The first 3 volumes (all my library had on hand) of Arvid Nelson’s Rex Mundi.  This covers the first half of the alternate history thriller comic.  So far so good.

It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the Da Vinci Code with this book (which began before Dan Brown’s publishing wunderkind was published).  Its another Knights Templar/grail quest/religious conspiracy theory story filled with bursts of random puzzle solving, only this one is pretty good.  

Besides the central mystery here, Nelson has engaged in some surprisingly massive world building.  Rex Mundi is a piece of alternate history, with some occasional fantasy elements thrown in.  The French Revolution failed, the South sort of won the Civil War, the Inquisition is still active in the 1930’s, and quite a few characters dabble in sorcery.  The background detail, particularly the news headlines included at the end of each issue definitely serve to make the book far more interesting, but not all of it (at least up to this point) actually has anything to do with the story.  But I really can’t fault anyone for showing some ambition, especially since the webcomic series (collected in vol. 1) shows that Nelson has ideas for further exploring this world.

I’m definitely intrigued to see how this story finishes, particularly after vol. 3 pretty much ended many of the mysteries and set up a great deal of action to come.  I definitely recommend the book.

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