Review: Dexter By Design

The latest book in Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series was sadly a disappointment to me.  The main problem at this point may just be that its not the show, which has left the books behind in its wake.  Dexter is still a phenominal character and Lindsay does well by his creation, but the story this time is really lacking.

In this book Dexter returns from his honeymoon (note this is the same as the current season of the tv show) to encounter an artist who uses corpses as his chosen medium.  This isn’t such a bad gimick for a Dexter story, but Lindsay just doesn’t do a whole lot with it.  Dexter and the villain spend the book nearly encountering each other until they reach the climax where Dexter is stuck as a mere observer.  He’s the reason to read these books and yet he barely does a thing in the course of this entire novel.

The worst part is the character moments that ought to be here are largely lacking too.  The fourth season of the show is primarily about Dexter adjusting to his marriage, the plot involving the villain is almost incidental.  Here the marriage barely even enters the book besides the fact that Rita is put in danger in the final chapter.  And the best part of the novels, Dexter’s relationship with Rita’s kids, only gets a few scenes as well (but at least they’re good ones).

This isn’t an awful book by any means, just a forgettable one.

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