Review: Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol.9

This volume of the Essential Spider-Man covers the issues published between 1978 and 1980, which is not a particularly well known era for the character despite a lot of significant stuff that happens here.  The Black Cat, Madame Web, Jigsaw and Calypso all make their first appearances.  Aunt May dies for a few issues, Peter quits the Daily Bugle for a few more, John Romita Jr. becomes the regular artist and their are decent confrontations with Electro, Doc Ock, Kingpin and Mysterio.  But the story here that has sort of endured is the return of the Burglar (he who shot Uncle Ben).

Everything here’s pretty average for Spider-Man, with the possible exception that Peter’s age is starting to get a little awkward on occasion.  The character’s a TA in grad school at this point and the writers are still trying to give him the occasional problems with school/work/dating issues from when he was in high school, while occasionally attempting to actually portray him as an adult.  However, what results is Peter going to C.B.G.B’s on a date and complaining about how loud the music is there.  

But besides that, this is classic, Spidey with some very competantly told stories from comics legends Marv Wolfman and Denny O’Neil.

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