Review: Incredible Hercules: The Mighty Thorcules

Will this latest volume, the Incredible Hercules has become my favorite comic currently published by Marvel.  It’s clever and may very well be the most enjoyable book on the stands at the moment.

Which brings me to the two stories in this volume, which alternate issues throughout the book.  The main story here concerns Hercules being forced to disguise himself as Thor in order to infiltrate a band of Dark Elves.  The story quickly turns to the absurd as Thor later disguises himself as Hercules and they inevitably wind up engaging in perhaps the most ridiculous fight in the history of superhero comics.  It also contains what is maybe the best comedic acting I’ve seen in a comic thanks to artist Reilly Brown.

The b-story is quite different in tone, telling the story of my new favorite character Amadeus Cho (the 7th smartest person in the world) attempting to make peace with his origins.  It’s a great counterpoint to Hercules’ story, being every bit as fun while maintaining a far more serious tone, and its especially nice to see Amadeus given a lead role.  He’s a fantastic character, and Asian-American teen brainiac who is never written like a nerd and who is regularly able to hold his own against the adults.

Writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente have worked wonders in this book, taking a cast off character in a Hulk spin-off and turning it into a must read each month that keeps improving.

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