Review: Wolverine Weapon X: Insane In the Brain

Wolverine doesn’t have enough super-villains.  That’s pretty much the reason for the latest volume of Weapon X to exist.  You’re typical Wolvie story ends with the bad guy getting impaled on the end of his claws you see.  And now that Sabertooth’s been killed, the number of reoccuring enemies he has can be counted on one hand.

Which brings me to Jason Aaron’s latest creation, Dr. Rott.  Rott is an insane brain surgeon who creates psychic machines and serial killers.  Not a terribly great character sadly, but he does make for a smart foil to Wolverine.  He also lets Aaron cut loose with the same sort of manic horror that he first showcased over in Ghost Rider.  

This also lets artist Yanick Paquette get out of his comfort zone for a few issues.  Now I know Paquette as primarily a cheesecake artist, albeit a very good one.  But here he’s in full on slapsticky horror mode.  People are strangled with intestines, brains are removed with enormous nutcrackers, and then there’s Charlie Chainsaws (who has chainsaws for hands).

It’s all a bit over the top, but Aaron and Paquette just manage to pull it off, largely by going out of their way to point out what a ridiculous history Wolverine already has when you stop and think about it.

As a bonus there’s a nice little single issue story in which Wolverine gets a girlfriend, but first has to check in with all the other women in his life to talk himself into it.  It’s a cute comic, although a little too stereotypically superheroy for Wolverine, being the “what if my enemies use you to get to me” conundrum.  But it is nice to see Wolverine outside of his comfort zone here, and C.P. Smith’s art is kind of fantastic.

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