Review: Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance

Joe Casey excells at two things in particular when it comes to superhero stories, characters with an awareness marketing concerns (Wildcats, the Intimates), and characters that owe a huge debt to Jack Kirby (Godland).  So now he’s been given what is essentially a dream job with Dance, a mini-series focusing on Grant Morrison’s Super Young Team.

The Super Young Team is a group of five Japanese teen heroes, who Morrison used as a replacement for Kirby’s hippie-radical Forever People.  With their publicity agent in tow they spend this series trying find a way to redefine the role of modern superheroes, although they never quite succeed, and sadly neither does Casey, although he does come fairly close.

There’s a lot to love here, but it’s all things that Casey has done better elsewhere.  For example Most Excellent Superbat’s (he of the power of being unbelievably rich) running Twitter feed along with the narrative works great, but not quite as well as the meta-commentary scroll bar Casey used in the Intimates.  More importantly considering the team only has five members, it’s an issue that one is entirely ignored and another written off as little more than a lush.

It’s still worth a read though, especially if you’ve never been exposed to Casey.  But he is capable of better.

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