Review: Ghost Rider by Jason Aaron

Ghost Rider has a long history of being the worst, major character in comics.  He’s been around for nearly 40 years at this point, and has never had any reason to be around besides having a great visual:

Ghost Rider

Thank God Jason Aaron came along to fix that.

Turns out what the character needed was for someone to treat him as being inherently ridiculous.  And so Aaron has created a 4 volume epic (done in the finest grindhouse tradition) in which the Ghost Riders (yes plural now) discover their secret history while attempting to save Heaven from a coup led by the rogue angel Zadkiel.

But that plot doesn’t really matter.  What does is the legion of foes the Riders get to fight along the way.  Trull the living steam shovel from the stars!  The orb, a circus freak with an eyeball for a head and a penchant for suffering traumatic injuries (and bed wetting).  The Highwayman, the devil’s trucker, whose a real fan of 8-tracks deck.  And of course Skinbender, who looks like how Sailor Moon would if she existed in reality (and thank you Tony Moore for the nightmares that image is going to conjure).  Oh and I can’t forget the hordes of heavily armed nuns on both side of the war in Heaven.

If that sort of gleeful insanity doesn’t appeal to you, then this isn’t the book for you.  But if it does, this will be one of the greatest comics you’ll ever read!

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