Review: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Dark Days is easily the worst book I’ve read in months.  It’s the sequel to 30 Days of Night, a vampire tale with two things going for it, Ben Templesmith’s art, and the unique setting of Barrow Alaska (where there are in fact 30 days of night).

But now writer, Steve Niles, has moved the action to LA, and the art, while still gorgeous, is just not enough to help this train wreck.  So “the plot” 16 months after the prior book , the widowed Stella Olemaun has written a book about the vampire attack in Barrow and has reinvented herself as a fearless vampire killer in the hopes of using her book tour to lure out her victims.  

That’s okay except that her plans totally fall apart when the media fail to accept her story as fact, and she gives up instantly.  And then starts a romance with a vampire who, a few pages earlier, admitted to desecrating her husband’s grave.  WTF!?!

This book didn’t have much of a reason to exist in the first place as the original story is much better without a sequel, but there was a little room for a halfway decent tale despite that.  But this is not it.

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