Review: Something Rotten

Something Rotten is the culmination of the three prior Thursday Next books.  It’s a pretty damn satisfying read for someone whose read all of those, but I can’t imagine anyone understanding a word of it coming in cold.

In this book Thursday decideds leave the fictional world and return to reality in order to bring her husband back into existence, and to return the fictional would-be tyrant Yorrick Kane back to the book he came from (if only she knew which one that was), all while trying to find reliable (or at least non-gorilla) childcare for her toddler.  And that’s just the loose ends from the prior books.  For new challenges she  has to avoid the ace assassin the Windowmaker (name due to a typo on her letterhead), smuggle 10 trucks of banned Danish literature into the socialist republic of Wales, figure out why 13th century saints have begun to be reborn en-masse, keep Hamlet occupied while she tries to avert a hostile takeover of his play by the Merry Wives of Windsor, and somehow stop the apocalypse by ensuring Swindon wins the croquet championships.

So yeah, more typical chaotic fun from Jasper Fforde.  I still don’t know how exactly he manages to hold the whole story together, and I’m actually half convinced he doesn’t and just manages to hide that fact behind a mask of gleeful abandon.  But whatever, this book might not be a great one, but I’m just had too much fun reading it to care.

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One Comment on “Review: Something Rotten”

  1. Chris C Says:

    Yeah, Fforde’s books are about downhill movement…but they are so delightful you don’t mine holding on for dear life! True that you sort of need to know what’s going on to appreciate Something Rotten.

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