Godland: Far Beyond the Bang

Joe Casey and Tom Scioli start moving towards a conclusion in the latest volume of their Jack Kirby homage, Godland.  

It’s a fantastic book, but this one hardly makes for a useful starting point.  Casey tries, but the story so far recap is so long and in such a small font that I dare anyone to read it without going cross-eyed by the end.  But if you’ve been with the book all along this book is pretty damn rewarding.  

Friedrich Nickelhead and his army of super-villains decimiate the US congress and start the beginings of mainstreaming their villain-culture ideas.  Adam Archer tracks down his missing sister on the other side of the universe and gets caught in a cosmic conflict with a godlike nihilist.  And then nuclear winter begins to set in on Earth.  

Casey doesn’t quite manage to juggle it all properly, but then Kirby never did either in his prime, and this book in particular feels like it came straight out of the King’s Fourth World.  Granted that’s partly because of a fairly blatant New Gods reference, but still.  Which pretty much makes it a foregone conclusion that I would love this book, but I can see others not being so taken with it.

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