Review: Incredible Hercules: Assault On New Olympus

With this volume, my favorite comic currently being published by Marvel comes to an end.  Well sort of, the story continues in an Amadeus Cho mini-series.  But this is really about as definitive an ending as anything in comics ever receives, and its a fantastic one!

The Gods Hera and Typhon have launched their plan to remake the Universe in their image, and bring the Gods back to replace the Marvels they feel have replaced them.  Only Hercules, his ex-wife, Amadeus and a squad of Avengers stand in their way, and before all is done someone will die.

The story shows off perfectly why this book has been great all along.  Amadeus & Herc remain one of the best partnerships I’ve read in any book.  The story is clever and incredibly fun (although I’ll admit freely I’m a sucker for anything that focuses on superheroes as modern mythology).  And then of course there are the sound effect easter eggs that the creative team keeps sneaking in (I particularly like the mechanical dragon that shoots fire with a deafening “Smaaaaug”).

I truly hate to see this book go, and I really hope that the Amadeus Cho mini does well enough that the story can keep going, but I’m ecstatic that the writers were able to finish the series in such a grand fashion.

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