I’m going to be taking a short break from writing here for a few weeks, as I have just received a new job and need to move across the state.

I’ve spent the last 4 years working as the technical services head at the Berkshire Athenaeum, which has been an incredible experience, especially for someone fresh out of school like me.  Besides getting to work on all the standard cataloging challenges, I got to toy with an enormous local history and genealogy collection, a collection dedicated to the work of Herman Melville, the library of Oliver Wendel Holmes, lead a number of workshops for patrons, host a number of sing-along to Journey nights (Rock Band) and of course drive a dump truck across Connecticut.

I can only imagine what new challenges await me when I get to the Worcester (sorry Wistah) Public Library in a few weeks.  I can’t wait!

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4 Comments on “Hiatus”

  1. Good luck. Worcester (as a city) has sometimes had a bad rap on it (even worse that Pittsfield). I grew up in the town next door, and am convinced that there are great aspects to every city! [The one I live in currently is always the best.]

    Safe packing, and on the roads of the Commonwealth, safe travels!

    • geekylibrarian Says:

      Thanks, especially for the well wishes on the traveling (the one thing I’m really dreading about Worcester, I’ve gotten lost every time I’ve tried to get back onto 290).

  2. mkelly Says:

    … in recounting your soon to be over adventures in Pittsfield let’s not forget the invaluable life experience of having worked with a staff just full of baby boomers 🙂

    Happy trails.

    • geekylibrarian Says:

      Lol! You’re absolutely right! My mistake for leaving that out.

      I’m going to miss you mkelly

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