Must See Sites for Technical Services

This list was compiled for a workshop hosted by WMRLS on December 4th, 2008.  The workshop was conceived by Dodie Gaudet (who also provided the foundation for this list).  Please feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment here or contributing to the version on Delicious.

The Basics

ABLE (Alternative Basic Library Education)

A collection of excellent web based training modules on the basics of technical services, collection development, and reference work.

American Libraries

Free access to American Libraries.

Cataloger’s Learning Workshop

Collection of free course materials for technical services classes.

Internet Library for Librarians

One of the best links pages for librarians.

Library of Congress Authorities

Search engine for the LoC’s authority records.

Library of Congress: Cataloging and Acquisitions

Homepage of the recently merged cataloging and acquisitions department at the LoC.

Library of Congress Online Catalogs

‘Nuff Said.


Web 2.0 entry into the library world, as well as the source for a great deal of data entering catalogs.

OCLC: WorldCat and Cataloging Documentation

OCLC’s cataloging guides.

Preservation 101

A free online preservation course produced by the Northeast Document Conservation Center.

SLC Cataloguing Cheat Sheets

A collection of easy to follow cheat sheets for special cataloging projects, including scores, pamphlets and migrations.


Professional Development resources funded by the Gates Foundation


Cataloger’s Reference Shelf

Comprehensive guide to MARC21

MARC Standards

The LoC’s guide to MARC

OCLC: Bibliographic Formats and Standards

The OCLC’s comprehensive guide to MARC

Understanding MARC

A condensed guide to the most frequently used MARC fields.

Understanding MARC Authority Records

The LOC’s brief guide to authority records

Item Types

Comics: Grand Comicbook Database

A stalled attempt to gather bibliographic data for all published comics and graphic novels.

Electronic Resources: DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative)

Main page for Dublin Core information.

Electronic Resources: Dublin Core Best Practices

Condensed guide to Dublin Core

Government Documents: ALA/GODORT Toolbox

Guide to cataloging state, federal, and international government documents.

Maps: WAML Map Librarian’s Toolbox

One stop site for Map cataloging resources.

Movies: IMDB

All you could possibly need to know about movies.

Music: AllMusic

All you need to know about music.

Serials: SCCTP Workshop Materials

Serials cataloging training materials

Television Shows:

All you need to know about television.

The Future

Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control

The homepage of the LoC sponsored group behind On the Record, a must read on RDA.

What is FRBR?

Barbara Tillett’s brief synopsis of FRBR

Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA

Home for the development of RDA

OCLC Policy Change

A summary of the controversy to date regarding the new OCLC record use policy, via Code4lib.

Build the Open Shelves Classification

Get Involved


Home Page of the ALA’s Technical Services Section

IFLA Cataloguing Section

Homepage for the IFLA Cataloguing Section

MLA Technical Services Section

Homepage of the MLA’s Technical Services Section


Home page of the Technical Services section of NELA

Program for Cooperative Cataloging

Homepage of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging

Mailing Lists/Blogs/Forums


The archives of the Autocat mailing list, plus the link for joining the list, which should be mandatory for all catalogers.


Heidi Hoerman’s blog on the future of the profession.

Library E-Mail Lists and Newsgroups

Collection of cataloging listservs.

Librarians Who LibraryThing

Forum for Librarians and library supporters on LibraryThing.

Planet Cataloging

An aggregater of cataloging blogs.


All CD Covers

Collection of printable CD and DVD covers.

Babel Fish

A somewhat decent auto translator that can understand 13 different languages.


See how your site looks across browsers and operating systems.

Cutter Table

How to form cutter numbers

Dewey Cutter Program

Free program for generating Cutter numbers

Ding It’s Up!

Receive an e-mail when a dead website is fixed.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

Learn if a website is really down or if the problem is just with your computer.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

Number one source of geographical information. Use it to find geostationary coordinates for metadata.

ISBN-13 Online Converter

Change 10 digits ISBNs to 13 digit ones and vice versa.

Map Dewey to LC

Table that maps DDC to LCC

Map LC to Dewey

Table mapping LCC to DDC

OCLC Classify

Use this tool to discover the distribution of call numbers assigned to an item by OCLC member libraries.

One Across

Crossword Puzzle solver, great for hard to read handwriting.

Roman Numerals Converter

Convert numbers to Roman Numerals and vice-versa.

A hassle-free way to remote access a computer.

Outside the Field

Boing Boing

The #1 blog on the internets. For our purposes it has a large concentration on publishing, copyright, and freedom of speech issues.

Threat Level

Wired magazine’s blog concerning privacy and security matters.

Just For Fun

LCSH for “You Mamma”

How to use LCSH for insults.

Things Found In Books

A fun photo pool of unusual object discovered in books, to which you can contribute your own findings.


The one webcomic you should read daily.


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  1. […] got the first draft of my tech services links page up and running.  I’ll be fiddling with it for a while still, and adding annotations […]

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