Save Our Libraries!

Boston: Layoffs have begun, 1 branch closed.

Boxford: Risking closure of West Boxford branch.

Bridgewater: 38.3% Budget cut

Brockton: 13% Budget cut.  Risking decertification.

Chemlsford: Risking Decertification

Dennis: $13k cut from budget

Fitchburg: Decertified, budget slashed 68%, temporarily used as a pet shelter.

Freetown: Decertified

Hubbardston: Decertified

Medway: Decertified

Monson: Disproportionate budget cut, risking decertification.

Newton: 4 Branches closed, $89k cut from payroll.

Norton: Decertified

Pittsfield: $55k cut from budget

Shrewsbury: Hours halved, Being decertified.

Springfield: 4 employees laid off

Stoughton: Proposed 15% budget cut

Wareham: Decertified

Westfield: $50,000 cut.  One day a month furlough

Winthrop: Risking Closure


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