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End of an Era

May 16, 2008

Today is going to be a special day for me.  I get to go to work and break apart a particularly irksome special collection.  This is one that was organized in such a way and so long ago that no one currently working at the library can remember why it exists in its current state.  What’s particularly bad this time around is that by simply following how things ought to be in Dewey, the collection would be organized in a far better way (yeah that’s pretty rare).

So today after some lengthy discussions on how patron’s search for materials and if anyone still browses the non-fiction shelves I finally get to fix this travesty.  And how do I celebrate the occasion?  I nearly cut off a finger while slicing my morning bagel, making what I have to do just that little bit more difficult (along with trying to type this post without using so many “t’s”.