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Formats and special collections

July 16, 2008

One of my main goals as a contributor to the open shelves classification project seems to be succeeding.  I like the idea of having a classification system that ignores format completely, making it possible for individual libraries to treat their collections however they wish (ex. put dvd in front of the call #) and creating a system that will not have problems with future formats.  At most I think the project should come up with some best practices incorporating various item types, but nothing should be mandated.

I also think the borderline formats (graphic novels, musical scores) should be treated this way.  Right now in my own library we have a system (that predates me), which I absolutely hate.  For scores we use an entirely different classification system that only one person in the building understands (we have a music turned reference librarian).  For graphic novels we put them all into the single call # for comics, irregardless of content, effectively creating a special collection.  But I always get annoyed when a non-fiction comic gets thrown into the middle of the superhero books.

How do others handle these sorts of things?  And what would you do differently if given a free hand?