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Review: Secret Six: Depths

June 2, 2010

The newest collection of Gail Simone’s twisted super-villain series, Secret Six, is the first misstep she’s taken since writing the first mini-series featuring the characters.  Her grasp of the characters is as strong as ever, and the first two issues in this collection, which are both one-off tales, are excellent.  However, the main story in this volume is a ill-conceived team-up with Wonder Woman, which pretty much just exists because Simone was also writing that book at the time.

The Six are hired by a group who has forced a band of Amazons into slave labor in order to construct the world’s greatest prison.  What exactly the six are hired to do, is never really explained, nor is it explained why the would be warden has made a deal with Grendel.  Then there’s the problem that Wonder Woman and the Six don’t mesh together at all.  Oh and there’s also that this makes back to back stories in which the Six turn on one another and then somehow make up afterwards.

The book’s almost worth it for the first issue, being the most awkward date comic in history, but the rest is just a mess.


Review: Secret Six: Unhinged

September 10, 2009

It’s been a long time coming, but the Secret Six finally have an ongoing series with Gail Simone at the helm (along with the great Nicola Scott on art).  The Six is DC’s latest attempt at a villains book and it is arguably their most successful because of Simone’s deft characterization.  

The six leads are aren’t so much villains (although they do get up to quite a big of robbery, murder, and mayhem in this book) as just deeply broken people.  The book is just littered with one disturbing peak into their minds after another, none of which are obvious, but all of which just seem right.  From Scandal being consoled with a prostitute dressed up as her dead lover to Bane unilaterally deciding to become a surrogate father I kept finding myself simultaneously amused and horrified.

The plot for this collection is a blast as well.  This book is basically a macguffin story, but a very clever one that makes for a perfect start to this series.  I can’t wait to see where Simone goes next.