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Review: the Goon: Calamity of Conscience

October 2, 2009

The latest collection of the Goon brings to a close the Return of Labrazio epic.  This story is certainly the most ambitious project Eric Powell  has attempted thus far.  It spans a years worth of comics, involves a few dozen characters, and wraps up nearly every loose end introduced into the comic since it began.

On its own this is a gorgeous looking book, full of horrible things and surreal humor.  This is about as far from an entry point book as you can get, which is a problem Powell has totally avoided up until now buy mostly focusing on done in one stories.  And in all honesty I think I prefer that format for the Goon.  In this book Powell just can’t quite fit his trademark gags into the story seamlessly.  

But this book does make for a great conclusion to the Labrazio story, and leaves the surviving characters in a great place for the comics to come.

Review: The Goon: Those That Is Damned

July 20, 2009

Man do I love having a new Goon collection this soon after the previous volume.  

This book continues the Return of Labrazio story arc in admirable fashion.  These issues are a large departure for the series, featuring almost no humor at all.  Instead the Goon is forced to accept an unhappy future as his allies begin to fall

But the book does contain a few short pieces by a number of guest creators to help offset the sense of dread from the main story.  Kyle Hotz comes up with a story featuring a shaved ape disguised as a teacher, Rebecca Sugar checks in with Dr Alloy in prison, and a group of comic luminaries collaborate on a parody of the Maltese Falcon.  There’s also a few brilliant pages from the great Gris Grimly as an added treat.