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5/22/09 3:17 pm

May 22, 2009

Mark this time in the history books.  After 3 years of failure (plus the time my predecessor spent on the problem) I have successfully printed a spine label using Millenium cataloging!  Then I spent another hour tweaking settings so I could repeat this momentous feat.  

It’s amazing what you have to put up with when using a product from a company named Innovative.  This is printing, it shouldn’t be that hard!  Granted the 3 year build up made it feel great when I finally accomplished what ought to have been a incredibly simple task.  Maybe that’s been their plan all along…

Innovative Labels

September 15, 2008

My entries are probably going to be a bit sparse this week.  I’ve got three meetings (2 in other parts of the state), a dentist appointment, and on Friday I’ll be visiting family.  But I’ll do my best to keep this site updated.

Today was all about learning how to print spine labels in Innovative’s Millenium cataloging module.  The reps from the consortia did a great job of showing how to use the software, but I can’t help but think that Innovative has seriously dropped the ball on this one.

As of now we’re still using Innovative’s older software, Guicat, solely because of how it prints labels.  You just put your page settings into the config menu, hit print, and put in what you want into the wysiwyg editor.  Simple and it works.

In the new system everything is template based, but those templates have to be created in a third party (fortunately open source) piece of software that requires some knowledge of java script and in which the page measurements have to be converted to postscript points.  Oh and there may not be a way to add additional line breaks.  And the only default template provided forces the use of book pockets.  And it took quite a few years to get this far.

Granted the system does seem to work if you can get past the hassle (or if you’re fortunate enough to have someone else handle the template creation like we do).

Pushing the Boundaries

August 27, 2008

The recent release of III’s Millenium 2007 (not a typo) update has come with one fairly large problem, but it’s one that probably should not be corrected.  Namely that the online catalog no longer functions with outdated versions of internet explorer.

Now it’s one thing to demand that libraries keep up with technology, but it’s another to ask our patrons to do the same, and we have had quite a few complaints because of this.  III clients are libraries, and despite the fact that the catalog is a product designed for the patrons, they are a step removed from the catalog’s designers, and I doubt their voices are ever really heard except for when it’s second hand.

It’s rough because we should be teaching our patrons a bit of computer know how as part of our jobs (in this instance, start using Firefox), but we can’t expect everyone to have the ability to keep current.