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February 27, 2009

Dave Lankes (via Jenny Levine) has put up the perfect take on pushing for change in libraries.  I actually have nothing else to add to it, it’s good, read the damn thing!

Gaming and the AASL

August 12, 2008

Brian Mayer has created a wonderful public handout (via the Shifted Librarian) that maps the AASL’s standards for 21st century learners to games.  I’ll definitely be printing out a few dozen of these.

If you Still Need an Excuse

July 2, 2008

A few more links today on why gaming in libraries is important.

First up is a sizable video (via Librarian In Black) on gaming in libraries that lays out the case of games very very well, and has some nice interviews with people like Jenny Levine and Michael Stephens to boot.

And secondly, the annual report of the Entertainment Merchants Association has just been released, and as reported by GameSpot, for the first time gaming sales have surpassed those of dvds.

More Gaming Links

June 10, 2008

I’m in the middle of forming a video game programming proposal for my library, and so I’ve been doing some more research on the subject.  And what do I find, Jenny Levine has beaten me once again.  Her latest list of links is short but they are all must reads on the subject.  She’s done a nice job of covering both the case for libraries, and why the form is deserving of increased critical attention.  Just go to her site and check them out.

Morning Links

May 29, 2008

There are just too many good articles that came my way this morning to discuss them all fully, so here’s a bunch of links:

The Times discusses the problems of Congress’ attempt to reform copyright to account for orphaned works.

PC World lists the top 100 new technologies of the past year, and explains why Hulu is so good.

Jenny Levine continues to be the best library technology writer out there with a nice discussion on how to cope with social networking.

Finally, Jon Ippolito has a great paper on why art should be made available for free via the Creative Commons.

Gaming Literacy

April 16, 2008

Jenny Levine over at the Shifted Librarian has just written an excellent post on gaming, reading, and literacy. I particularly like the definition of literacy she uses, equating it to a critical thinking skill set and distancing it as much as possible from mere language skills. Using this definition she is able to present a clear vision of how gaming can properly fit into libraries beyond simply getting teens in the building.