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Spotlight On Futurama

June 28, 2008

In honor of the new dvd release this past week, the Beast With a Billion Backs, this weeks spotlight is on the most geek friendly show of all time, Futurama (an indespensible part of any dvd collection).  The show is of course Matt Groening’s failed follow-up to the Simpsons.  Failed because it never found much of an audience when it was on Fox (which might have had something to do with their erratic scheduling for it).  However, it has since gone on to huge cult status, revivals on both the Cartoon Network and Comedy Central, and now a series of straight-to-dvd films.

Now the reason Futurama is worth mentioning here is that it has what is perhaps the most highly educated writing staff for a show in television history.  Amongst the writers are:

David X. Cohen who studied physics at Harvard and computer science at Berkley.

Ken Keeler who has a PhD in applied mathematics from Harvard University and who spent time at Bell Labs.

Jeff Westbrook a former professor of computer science at Yale.

Kristin Gore, novelist and the daughter of the former Vice-President.

The end result is one of the best pieces of science-fiction television has ever seen.  The show pokes almost equal fun at society and advanced physics.  The previous dvd release even had a math lecture as a special feature!  This is a show that just understands all the unexplainable aspects of geekdom (like our love of fight pits, killer robots, and penguins with shotguns).  It’s also perhaps the most environmentally conscious show ever, with regular environmental themed episodes (often featuring guest appearances by Al Gore) and carbon-neutral dvd packaging.