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Reject the OCLC Policy!

January 13, 2009

I know I’ve kind of beaten this issue to death here, but the OCLC record use policy is still scheduled to go into effect next month, and it’s still a travesty.  Furthermore, I think it’s still unclear to many just why they ought to be outraged by this.

Fortunately, Tim Spalding has once again come forward to explain just that.  In a new post at Thingology he goes through the legalese in the policy in a brilliantly readable way.  After reading this there’s no way that an OCLC member library could be anything less than horrified.

And if you want to speak up, then there’s actually going to be a forum now.  This Friday Karen Calhoun of OCLC will be participating in an open forum at the NYPL.  So if you can get to New York (sadly I can’t, as I will be participating in this instead).