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Link Day

March 30, 2009

Just a couple links today that I feel the need to share, one good two bad.

Let’s start with the bad.  First up, the Mayor of Concord, New Hampshire (the capital of my home state) has announced that he is considering closing the library completely to help close the city’s budget gap.  Nothing final yet, but there’s something really sad about the prospect of a library-less capital.

Second, in news that isn’t much better the NYPL is looking at a potential 17% budget cut, which would necessitate a loss of 465 jobs and a reduction of hours to an average of 41/week in each location.  To put that in a little perspective, my library is open 63 hours a week, the minium mandated by the state for a library serving a community the size of Pittsfield.  NYC is just a little bit larger than us.

Now to cheer everyone up a little after that, Sarah Houghton-Jan (aka the Librarian In Black) has just put together one of the best presentations I’ve seen in quite a while.  Thus I am now happy to present the 10 Lol Cat Laws of Web Services for Smaller and Underfunded Libraries.


Con Season

April 25, 2008

In two weeks time I will be in attendance at the Mass Library Association’s annual conference.  I’m looking forward to it, mostly for the chance to hear David Weinberger (author of the brilliant Everything is Miscellaneous) but looking at the program I think last year’s will prove to be better.  However, the conference I really wish I could have attended started today, ROFLCon.

ROFLCon is a conference on internet culture (memes in particular) with an impressive list of guests.  Panelists include nearly every major lolcat contributor (both the lolcat bible and lolcode are represented), tons of webcomics creators, and a decent assortment of academics.  All together it forms a great snapshot of the state on the internet.