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Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

June 1, 2010

Seth Grahame-Smith became a publishing sensation with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but managed to somehow do it without a great deal of recognition for himself.  He spawned a whole publishing movement of weird classics adaptations, but none by him and all published as if they may as well have been, including a prequel to his own book.

So, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is his chance to prove he’s more than merely a publishing gimmick, and he mostly succeeds.  There’s not really a whole lot needed to explain this novel beyond the title.  It’s written as a biography, based upon Lincoln’s secret diaries, and Grahame-Smith puts a lot of effort into researching Lincoln’s life to blur the lines between history and fantasy as finely as possible.

This isn’t a great book, but its a very fun book, which is all the more impressive in that Grahame-Smith plays it totally straight.  It’s also the only vampire story I’ve enjoyed period since the current Twilight/True Blood/X-Men vs. Dracula, etc… fad made me sick to death of the subject (I picked this up because I have kind of a thing for silly Lincoln stories).  If you like the idea of the title, you will love this book, for everyone else, it’s very skipable.