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Review: DMZ: War Powers

September 16, 2009

The latest collection of Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli’s DMZ introduces a key element to the series that has been a bit absent up until now, a plot.  Now I don’t mean this to be harsh criticism, DMZ has been a story about its location, and has up until now been a series of vignettes about that place.  Those stories have been incredible, and the fourth volume earned a 5 star review from me over on LibraryThing.

But those bits and pieces haven’t always connected up into a larger story.  Now that’s changed as Wood touches on quite a few of those prior tales as part of the rise to power of the DMZ’s new governor.  The book also brings the series into some darker territory than its been in before by pretty much eliminating the last hope of their being a happily ever after moment for any of the characters, and yes that includes Manhattan.

Review: DMZ: Blood In the Game

March 8, 2009

It was inevitable that Brian Wood would turn his sociological masterpiece of a comic, DMZ, towards politics.  In this volume, elections come to what’s left of Manhattan and a local spoiler rises to power to oppose an otherwise rigged election, leaving Matty and his journalistic impartiality stuck in the middle.

This isn’t one of the stronger story arcs in the series, mostly because it feels like a middle chapter.  Despite being a full story arc nothing is really resolved here, but it does make me eager for the next collection.

Review: DMZ: the Hidden War

August 21, 2008

With 100 Bullets coming to an end DMZ is positioned to become the best book Vertigo is publishing.  The story is about the lives of people living in a war zone, with the added twist that it takes place in New York City.  Wood has taken the high road in his writing by showing a society that has endured under the worst conditions imaginable.

However, this particular volume is not quite up there with Wood’s best work on the series.  It’s made up of a series of 6 vigniettes focusing on members of the supporting cast.  Some of them are quite good and I’m always happy to have another comic with art from Danijel Zezelj, but for the most part they simply exist to fill in some background details.  So a good comic, but there are better collections of this series.