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June 25, 2008

I had an interesting conversation yesterday while trying to fix 5 particularly annoying computers yesterday (all were the same system, all behaved differently.  One fixed itself and another needs to have its harddrive reformated).  Anyway, it was pointed out to me how fascinating it was that as soon as a computer has trouble in the building, all other work is instantly dropped until it is fixed.

This really is true, I have a lot of work right now in tech services trying to wrap up FY’08 and a broken computer trumped it all.  And it doesn’t matter which computer.  In this instance the problems were all public use workstations, but in the past I’ve dropped everything to work on 1 of our 8 computers that are only used to access the opac.  If one of these is down for a day it’s not a big deal, except apparently it is.

So, when did this happen?  Why is one pac more important than getting out our new books, working on the budget, or even working on the payroll!?  Especially since I don’t think these priorities were ever consciously created, they just evolved into their present state.  Kind of sad really.


Seen in Tech Services II

June 2, 2008

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a cataloging oddity worth mentioning, this one is not a joke.  We have just received a large batch of Russian books, which is always fun for me since I don’t know the language at all.  So imagine my surprise when I plug in the ISBN on what appears to be some sort of holistic medicine book into WorldCat and see that one of the subject headings is Urine–Therapeutic use.

That could not stand to go by without being researched.  I’ll spare you the details, if you’re really interested in the subject then the wikipedia article is a decent starting point.  I’ll just leave this with the following quote regarding the subject, “there has been no research that has found drinking urine to be useful for any illness”.