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Review: The Tankies

January 5, 2010

The Tankies is the third book in Garth Ennis’ latest line of war comics, Battlefields.  Sadly it’s also the weakest, being a pretty paint by numbers story by the author.  Take a group of soliders from the UK, insert some male bonding, stir in a few dubious generals, and cover liberally in extreme violence.  However, being Garth Ennis the story is very well told, but he’s done this before in better books (War Stories, Punisher: Born).

The one thing that elevates this book further is that it has Carlos Ezquerra on art.  It’s been a good while since these two have collaborated, which is a real shame as their styles compliment each other perfectly.  And Ennis gives his partner plenty of material to work from, creating a beautiful book.  But its not quite enough to elevate the purely average story.