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Think of the Orphans Update

September 30, 2008

Well that didn’t take long.  Threat Level just reported that the orphaned works act is not making any progress in the House, and that they probably will nto even address the issue until after the election.

Free Use for All

August 21, 2008

As reported by Threat Level, a judge has just ruled that copyright holders must consider free and not be allowed to indiscriminately send out take down notices.  You wouldn’t think that people would need a legal ruling to reiterate the basic innocent until proven rule, but there you go.

In a similar rulling this week, a federal judge has thrown out the gag order on a group of MIT students who had prepared a presentation on security vulnerabilities in the Charlie Cards used for the MBTA in Boston.  Sadly this came about far too late for the students to give their planned presentation, but at least future researches can feel a little safer when it comes time to present their unpopular findings.

And Neutrality for All

May 20, 2008

OK I have to start coming up with better post titles.  Anyway, Threat Level has a nice little piece on the Times’ editorial on Net Neutrality, the need for transparency, and the opinions of the Presidential Candidates on the subject.  It’s a great overview of the issue that doesn’t have to rely on the insanity of Ted “a series of tubes” Stevens to make its point.