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Balancing Acts

December 9, 2008

Everywhere I go lately it seems librarians are getting busier.  Staffs are shrinking, additional responsibilities are heaped on, and a few of us are crazy enough to take on extracurricular activities (2 workshops and 2 game nights a month, what is wrong with me!?!).  Fortunately we largely seem to be the sorts that enjoy to keep busy, but at some point something has to suffer.

And what I’m starting to see is a cut back at the professional organization level.  One of my side tasks is to sit on the board of the MLA’s technical services section.  We’re on a recruiting drive at the moment for our next slate of officers and it’s not an easy task.  Hell it hasn’t been so easy to hold on to all of our current officers due to conflicting professional responsibilities.  This is a very sad turn of events although a very understandable one.  These sorts of roles play a key part in the development of the profession, and right now they seem to be withering from neglect.