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August 18, 2009

So what happens when 6 librarians who only know one another from the internets get together?  And will it make a good premise for a reality TV show?  Those were the questions answered at Monday night’s first ever Mass librarian tweetup.  

So, what do librarians talk about over drinks?  The answer turned out to be tv (particulary reality shows and Dr. Who), what books people had on them (as well as how many), Germany, decorative bedding options, Jasper Fforde, Netflix, the awesomeness of the sadly absent @helgagrace, Wuthering Heights, #unimerpandas, cataloging, beer, careers, enormous piles of nachos, romance novels, and most other subjects.

All in all, one of the best conversations I’ve had in ages.  And I love that people are already talking about doing this again.  Next time perhaps with name tags, although it was fun playing spot the librarians (look for confused looking people trying to recognize each other by their profile avatars).

The Future of Meetings

August 11, 2009

Today I went out east for the first MLA tech services section meeting of the term.  It was a fairly productive meeting, despite being at a slight stand still due to the recession.  Mostly it’s becoming evident that barely any libraries in the state have a professional development budget at the moment.  So, we’re looking at an immediate future of scaled back conferences, online meetings, and a possible workshop on how to run online workshops (we were sort of joking that we should bring in a speaker and have them teach from behind a curtain for that one).

Something is definitely being lost by making these movies.  I know of at least one co-worker who admits to not getting much out of online lessons, and I know she’s hardly alone.  But we’re gradually reaching the point where traditional learners are going to be left in the dust, and I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done to avert that.

Now in slightly cheerier news, I just have to share that thanks to a friend I’ve got a random Twitter appearance over on Macworld.  The Tweet in question, is of course from a conversation about killing zombies (although of late they have given way to to unicorns and pandas).

The Day Twitter Died

August 6, 2009

As has been reported everywhere today, Twitter was hit by a DDoS attack, which crippled the service for a few hours this morning and drastically slowed it down throughout the day.  What was really amazing to me was how much I have aparently come to rely on it throughout the day.  

Over the course of the last few weeks an enormous network of Tweeting librarians has developed via #followalibrarian.  Besides the incredible networking opportunity this has provided (Massachusetts library Tweetup on August 17th), this network has become an invaluable tool for me in my job.  To paraphrase one of my favorite obscure X-Men characters, librarians know stuff.  Yesterday for example, I had a question about a random book I needed to catalog in Urdu.  Turns out I knew three people on Twitter who had the answer I sought.  That one just floored me.

Working without that contact with my peers today was actually a bit rough after having grown so accustomed to it.  Hopefully tomorrow everything will be better.

Massachusetts Librarian Tweetup

July 28, 2009

Huge news!  There’s a tweetup for Mass. librarians in the works.  Just check out #malibtweetup for details as they develop.  Twitter has been an absolutely amazing means of networking for me, especially after the recent #followalibrarian day, and this should be the perfect capstone for it.

Twitter Talk Recap

July 17, 2009

Last night’s talk was a learning experience for me.  I’ve taught a few techie workshops at my library now, and in all the previous instances the attendees came to the class without a great deal of prior knowledge of the subject matter.  Yesterday that was changed up in some very refreshing ways.

First I only had a class of 2.  Seven had signed up, but I was opposite a major thunderstorm and an event downtown.  Both of the people who did show were mostly unfamiliar with twitter, but clearly displayed a knowledge of other social networks on the Internet.  These two elements pretty much caused me to throw my agenda out the window and instead teach according to the flow of the conversation.

I had some really observant questions that I hadn’t prepared for (but should have), the best kind.  For example, once they saw Twitter, one of the people instantly identified that it had no clear revenue stream.  I also got to go off on a fairly long tangent on the difference between Twitter and the status updates in Facebook.  

It’s always nice to have a class that just gets it.

Twitter Talk

July 16, 2009

Once again I have cleverly scheduled one of my computer workshops opposite Third Thursdays here in Pittsfield.  But that’s OK because people have signed up anyway, we’re actually on track for this to be my largest workshop to date.  Very exciting.

But there are still a few seats left.  So people of Pittsfield, the forecast tomorrow is calling for rain, you don’t want to be outside for that.  Instead, come to the Berkshire Athenaeum at 6 p.m. and learn all about Twitter, the hottest site on the internets.

And for any Twitterers out there, I’ll be giving a live demo.  So follow me between 6 and 7 and contribute to the conversation.


July 14, 2009

One of the better library discussions I’ve seen recently ocurred yesterday over Twitter.  The focus of the conversation was whether or not the concept of library 2.0 has been successful.  A lot of the sentiment seems to be that too many librarians are still partially technophobic (also the library 2.0 is merely a rediculous buzzword).

It’s not all cynical, but much of it is, and I can’t really argue with those views from my own experiences.

Twitter Comes to WordPress!

April 17, 2009

Not much to report today.  I’m feeling kind of sick so I don’t really feel like writing.  But WordPress did launch a twitter widget at last for those of us who don’t want to pay them to let us use javascipt widgets.  I’ve made a few tweaks to the sidebar to allow for it, and updated my profile page while I was at it.

Now on to my 3 day weekend (thank you Mass. for giving us Patriot’s Day!)

Shoutout to a Twitter Buddy

February 19, 2009

The networking powers of web 2.0 don’t get talked about nearly as often as many of the techonology’s other benefits to the library world, but that’s definitely my favorite part.  Without I never would have started talking to my newfound Twitter friend @neiljohnford, who I met on a forum in Librarything, and convinced to join Twitter (much to his regret).

Now he’s got a very nice post up about his experience with his first month using the service, with a focus on the professional pros and cons.

On a seperate note, I’m going out of town for a few days so I’ll probably be a few posts short here.  Back next week.

What’s a Twiller?

August 31, 2008

Matt Richtel of the Times has aparently begun to publish a story of his over Twitter (via Linda Braun), 1 sentence at a time.  The idea is to let fans read the story as he writes it.  It’s a neat idea, but it’s a form of publishing that libraries cannot really participate in.