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Weeding turns ugly

April 9, 2008

This blog seems to rapidly be becoming a list of referrals to articles I saw on Boing Boing. I guess anyone reading this blog should just subscribe to the feed over there. Anyway, today they’ve brought me a truly horrifying lawsuit from Universal Music. Universal has stated that throwing away their promotional cd’s, qualifies as an unauthorized distribution.

The link above to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s opinion is pretty good, and mostly just finds this attack on the first sale doctrine to be laughable. So librarians, just keep in mind that next time you plan on weeding that you could be a pirate.

Kind of reminds me of my first library job, where our patrons were so possessive of the materials their tax dollars had purchased that I would have to run garbage bags full of rotting books across the street under cover of darkness and toss them into the cans behind the school next door when no one was looking.  Really that’s not an exaggeration.