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SOL: Westfield Athenaeum

July 21, 2009

MassLive is reporting that the Westfield Athenaeum (one of the greatest libraries in Western Mass.) has suffered a $50,000 budget cut and is being forced to institute a one day a month furlough.  Good luck to everyone at the other Athenaeum during these times.


Notes from a Meeting

February 3, 2009

Today was the latest technical services roundtable, and it was my turn to run the meeting this time.  This was a great meeting, despite the weather.  The Westfield Athenaeum were incredible hosts.  They have an amazing library, a simply gorgeous building, and an amazingly active and dedicated staff.

And the meeting was one of the more rewarding ones I’ve been a part of.  We managed to draw little more diverse crowd this time, 1 library that was much further afield than our regulars, and for once I was not the youngest person in the room (course that might just be because I’m getting old).  So a few random notes to help me process things:

We can replace our dot-matrix with a thermal printer!  Man do I feel dumb now.

We need a “get a life” item type for dvd sets that cannot reasonably be finished in a single week.

Comics, man do I love them, but God are they a pain to create records for!  Marvel, listen up and stop resetting the volume number for your collected editions!

On the OCLC record use policy, we’ve been here before and we’ll be here again.

Network!  Learn what other librarians in your area you can go to for advice.  I’ve never encountered another group of people so willing to go out of their way to help their peers, take advantage of that.

Trip Up North

October 7, 2008

Back from a roundtable held at the North Adams library, which is easily in contention for the title of nicest looking library in the Northeast.  The building is completely green, solar and geothermal powered, spacious, open, and somehow completely at peace with the historic home that was adapted to form it.  I’m very jealous, and that’s despite the fact that one of their tech services people is responsible for maintaining their power and heating systems.

The meeting itself was great as usual, and I finally had a chance to make my LibraryThing pitch (albeit with my backup slides instead of a live demo due to a temporarily downed server).  I always go into these meetings afraid of having a sparse agenda, and then we always run out of time.  And besides the opportunity to discuss workflows and spend some time in other libraries these meetings have been a great way to network.  The tech services librarians in my region are starting to form a fairly strong community.

The next one will be this February at the Westfield Athenaeum, exact day T.B.D.  If you’re in the area please come.