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The Aftermath

December 4, 2008

Wow!  This was a good day.  My workshop went amazingly well and the responses I received for it were more than I possibly could have hoped for.  Huge thanks must go out to Janet Eckert and WMRLS who organized everything and served as the most gracious hosts imaginable.  And the attendees were just as wonderful, everyone seemed engaged, there was a good amount of participation (that I hope will continue online), and they let me rant a bit on copyright, RDA, and the new OCLC records policy.  

And I even got to show off my favorite website of the week, which had nothing to do with anything, (Thanks Jason).  Sadly the answer we got from it was yes, and that prediction proved accurate.  But even the rain (ok snow while driving back over the mountain), couldn’t bum me out today.  Because I have a handfull of feedback forms that almost uniformly say the one improvement that could be made to the workshop, was to add more time to it.  And in the positive column I got some of the best praise possible, that it was actually practical and useful.

And to top it all off, lunch at the Black Sheep, home of the greatest cookie I know, the Repulican National Convention cookie (full of fruit and nuts).  They started making these back in ’04, they’re basically giant macaroons filled with whatever nuts, fruit, and bits of chocolate they had left over in the kitchen from all their other baked goods.  If you’re ever in Amherst you must stop in, the baguettes are amazing too.

Must See Sites for Technical Services

November 10, 2008

On December 4th I’m going to be leading my very first workshop, entitled Must See Sites for Technical Services (a little long for my tastes but whatever).  Thus I’ve been spending a lot of time surveying relevent sites recently in preparation.  I have the beginins of my list up on delicious and I plan to have the list up as a permanent page here soon, I’m hoping to spend my day off tomorrow working on it.

The idea for the workshop and foundation for my list are the work of the great Dodie Gaudet, whose link page can be found here.  Given Dodie’s amazingly comprehensive list I’ve been a bit desperate to find new things to add, and so I’m resorting to my usual tactic of pulling in information from outside the field.  Some of which has obvious relevance (LibraryThing), but a lot that’s a bit outside the box (One Across can be a great help for deciphering handwriting).

I am of course open to any and all further suggestions and welcome additions to my list on delicious.

The Man Behind the Curtain

September 11, 2008

Well the secret’s out (thanks Chrystie 🙂 ), granted it wasn’t a terribly well kept secret.  But anyway I suppose it’s full disclosure time.

My name is Jeremy Goldstein, and I am the supervisor of the technical services department at the Berkshire Athenaeum, where I also serve as the resident techie.  I’m also currently a member-at-large for the technical services section of the Massachusetts Library Association, a member of a couple committees within the C/WMars region, and one of the organizers of a series of tech services round-tables for Western Mass.  And this December I’m going to be running my first workshop.

Now, on the issue of anonymity, I’ve had mixed feelings up until now.  I’ve had quite a few conversations with a good friend of mine who completely hides their identity on line (despite being very active) on the subject and they had managed to convince me of the value in remaining hidden.  However, that person works in academia and the library profession seems a little more open to bloggers by comparison.  

So I guess I’ll just have to watch what I say a little bit more now (not too much more).  But now I can start tying in some of my other online activities to a much greater extent.  Expect to see a few redesigns to the site in the near future as I start playing with widgets.

Ready for Anything

May 22, 2008

I spent today at a Disaster Preparedness Workshop run by the great Gregor Trinkaus-Randall of the MBLC.  I got more out of the experience than any workshop in recent history, particularly from the opening exercise.   Take a group of librarians who don’t know one another and throw them into an unlit room full of a great variety of drenched materials.  And here’s the key things I took out of that:

10. When hanging up photographs to dry, always use 2 clothespins per photo.

9. Swiss Army Knives are really really useful to have.

8. Newsprint is surprisingly absorbent.

7. Sometimes taking everything out of the water is not the best plan.

6. Sprinklers can be a book’s best friend.

5. When setting up a clothesline, make sure it’s anchored.

4. Always know where your supplies are.

3. If you’re going to approach a disaster from a calmly assessed perspective, make sure you don’t forget to keep that perspective.

2. Never stick your hand into anything until you know for sure that it’s safe.

1. Have a plan.